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Practical training courses that make a real difference

Acas training to reduce discrimination in the workplace, identify issues early and improve organisational compliance with the law.

Equal Pay | Disability Discrimination | Equality, Diversity and the Equality Act 2010 | Age and the Repeal of the Default Retirement Age

Topics and coverage - Acas training for employers and managers

Equal Pay

The issue of equal pay can often be a tough subject to tackle. Handling this subject incorrectly could leave organisations open to challenges of inequality in pay and pay discrimination. Acas training outlines employer responsibilities and provides best practices for job evaluation and approaches to payment structures. The courses also include clear and practical interpretation of the Equality Act 2010. This training will allow managers to be able to better explain their pay and grading structures to their employees, improve transparency and communicate their policies regarding equal pay more easily.

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Disability Discrimination

Discrimination can take many forms in the workplace and managers must be able to recognise, address and remove disability discrimination in order to offer a welcoming work environment for all. Employers have clear duties under the Equality Act 2010 which must be followed and this training session shows you how to meet these requirements. We will demonstrate how to approach reasonable adjustment and reduce the risk of claims of unfair bias from disabled employees or job applicants. Disability discrimination must be understood from the employees´ perspective and Acas will show you steps you can take to create open dialogue and communication around these issues.

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Equality, Diversity and the Equality Act 2010

The Equality Act 2010 reviewed many practices regarding equality and diversity. The advancement of equality through positive action, changes to current discrimination definitions plus a significant strengthening of the law protecting disabled people must be understood by all employers. Acas equality and diversity training will help you ensure you are fully meeting the requirements of the Equality Act. This comprehensive training will provide an overview of the background to the changes, address the codes of practice that apply and demonstrate what the changes mean, in real terms, to your organisation. Our equality courses cover all stages of the employment and recruitment processes and provide useful examination of protected characteristics, changes to disability discrimination and monitoring and equality impact assessment.

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Age and the Repeal of the Default Retirement Age

Employees can no longer be retired using the Default Retirement Age (age 65). From now on employees will retire if they choose to unless employers can demonstrate clear reason why this employment should not continue. With the repeal of the Default Retirement Age in Parliament, businesses will need to make sure their operations adhere to the new tenets of the law. Acas offers essential training courses to benefit those managers and executives charged with ensuring their business complies with the new legislation regarding retirement processes and removal of the default retirement age. We also address areas such as succession planning, workplace discussions, adjusting for an ageing workforce, ensuring equality, avoiding age discrimination in the recruitment process and fair performance management practice.

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Tailored training

Acas can also tailor training which we can deliver in your workplace.

You save time and money by training a group of managers at once and increase the relevancy to the needs of your organisation. An Acas expert will work with your managers or HR department to assess your needs and design a training programme tailored to your organisation. We can focus on specific policies, issues or human resources procedures you wish to address and we can help you to focus on individual solutions to management, communication or conflict areas in your workplace.

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