Acas experts run regular webinars on employment law topics and employment relations.

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    Sickness absence: supporting your staff

    This webinar looks at how employers can effectively manage sickness and the return to work process. It will cover:

    • different types of absence
    • how to support employees at work to help reduce absence
    • how to support staff during absence
    • long covid
    • how to put in place and maintain a successful return to work

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    • Wednesday 15 November 2023, 2pm to 3pm (full)
    • Thursday 30 November 2023, 10am to 11am (full)
    • Friday 8 December 2023, 10am to 11am (full)

    Winter: supporting your staff

    This webinar for employers and HR professionals looks at 4 main topics associated with winter. It will cover:

    • situations involving adverse weather
    • how to deal with leave requests
    • increased sickness absence
    • how to handle Christmas parties
    • what support and resources are available

    Register now for 'Winter: supporting your staff'

    • Tuesday 21 November 2023, 2pm to 3pm (full)
    • Wednesday 13 December 2023, 2pm to 3pm (full)

    Managing a fair disciplinary procedure

    For HR professionals and line managers, this webinar covers how to manage a fair disciplinary process. It will cover:

    • when to consider an informal approach
    • carrying out investigations
    • disciplinary hearings
    • the employee's right to be accompanied
    • appeals

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    Wednesday 6 December, 2pm to 3pm (full)

    Business support: managing in difficult times

    This webinar looks at how employers can support their staff during the cost of living crisis. It will cover:

    • the challenges employees may be facing
    • why employee financial wellbeing matters and its effect on mental health
    • how supporting employees can benefit your organisation
    • steps employers can take, for example creating a financial wellbeing policy
    • flexibility and legal considerations
    • things to consider if employees take a second job

    We'll be releasing more dates for this webinar soon.

    Investigations and disciplinaries – how to manage and disclose information

    This webinar is designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It will cover:

    • what information an employer should give to someone being investigated
    • when to retain investigation records
    • whether witnesses can stay anonymous
    • what to include in a letter inviting someone to a disciplinary meeting
    • the role of a companion in a disciplinary hearing

    We'll be releasing more dates for this webinar soon.

    Disciplinary procedures – dealing with the unexpected

    This webinar is designed for small and medium-sized businesses. We'll explore what employers can do when a disciplinary procedure is disrupted. It will cover:

    • the process of a fair and reasonable disciplinary procedure
    • what to consider when an employee is off sick during a disciplinary procedure
    • how to deal with a grievance that's raised during a disciplinary procedure
    • steps to take when an employee is absent from a disciplinary procedure

    We'll be releasing more dates for this webinar soon.

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