How we make our webinars accessible

We try to make our webinars accessible to everyone, so that all attendees can get the most out of the sessions.

Designing webinars

When we put together presentations for our webinars, we:

  • make sure any text is in an accessible font size
  • follow accessibility guidelines for colour and contrast
  • use plain English and try to avoid jargon

During the session

So that everyone can get the most out of our sessions we:

  • deliver webinars at a steady pace
  • have advisers on hand to answer questions about any of the content being presented
  • have closed captions switched on
  • can send out a copy of the webinar script in advance

To prevent sessions being disrupted we:

  • deliver them in a quiet space with no background noise
  • have a good quality connection

We record all of our webinar sessions. We send out the recording to attendees so that you can watch it back at your own pace.

Contact us about accessibility

Contact our Training and Customer Services team if you:

  • want to discuss your accessibility needs before attending a webinar – for example, to request a copy of the script
  • have any questions about how we make our webinars accessible
  • have any feedback on how we can make our webinars more accessible