Employing people and HR management training courses

Learn how to attract and retain the best staff for your organisation, by understanding your responsibilities and making staff feel motivated and valued.

Our team of workplace experts deliver courses that can help you to improve your legal knowledge and communication skills. These can allow you to have a productive and positive working relationship with your staff.

What you'll learn

Across our employing people courses you'll learn how to:

  • recruit and retain the right staff for your organisation
  • be aware of the rights and responsibilities of both employers and employees
  • comply with the latest employment legislation and follow correct procedures, to avoid costly disputes
  • follow good practice to make confident and informed decisions
  • handle employee requests fairly, balancing employee wellbeing and business needs
"The instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to provide information and examples that were easy to understand and that we could use in our own business environment."
– Operations director

Find a course

We provide a range of employing people courses, including:

  • contracts of employment
  • flexible working
  • HR for beginners
  • parental rights
  • recruitment

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How Acas training courses can help you

Acas is an independent public body with over 45 years' experience in giving impartial advice on employment rights and best practice.

Through a mixture of presentations, discussions and interactive exercises, our training courses will give you practical tips you can use in your organisation.

"The trainer had a deep understanding of the subject matter and was able to succinctly pass on some pearls of wisdom to the participants. This was my first experience of Acas training and I would have no hesitation in attending further relevant sessions."
– HR manager

Who the courses are for

Our employing people courses are for people from all sectors of work, including:

  • managers, supervisors and team leaders
  • HR professionals
  • business owners
  • trade union representatives
  • employee representatives
  • individuals who want to further their professional development

How they are delivered

We offer courses both remotely and face to face. You'll be in small groups with participants from a wide range of organisations, giving you opportunities to share experiences.

We recognise that every organisation is different. To save you time and money, we can deliver bespoke training at your workplace. To find out more, contact the Acas Training and Customer Services team.

You can also find out how we make our training accessible