Equality, diversity and inclusion training courses

Learn how to improve and promote equality, diversity and inclusion, to help staff be more engaged and productive at work.

Our team of workplace experts deliver courses that can help you create a diverse and inclusive organisation.

What you'll learn

Across our equality, diversity and inclusion courses you'll learn:

  • about the law and your legal responsibilities
  • about the benefits of having a diverse and inclusive organisation
  • how equality, diversity and inclusion can increase staff engagement, retention and productivity
  • how to handle equality, diversity and inclusion issues raised at work
  • how to create and implement equality, diversity and inclusion policies
  • about good practice for recruitment processes
"I found the course covered a wide range of areas. It was very useful meeting people from other businesses and hearing about their various issues which were often different from my own."
– Guest services manager

Find a course

We provide a range of equality, diversity and inclusion courses, including:

  • equality, diversity and inclusion – the essentials
  • reasonable adjustments

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How Acas training courses can help you

Acas is an independent public body with over 45 years' experience in giving impartial advice on employment rights and best practice.

Through a mixture of presentations, discussions and interactive exercises, our trainers will give you practical tips you can use in your organisation.

"The trainer was a great facilitator and clearly knew the subject very well, but also created an atmosphere in which everyone felt able to contribute and learn."
– Independent workplace investigator

Who the courses are for

Our equality, diversity and inclusion courses are for people from all sectors of work, including:

  • managers, supervisors and team leaders
  • HR professionals
  • business owners
  • trade union representatives
  • employee representatives
  • individuals who want to further their professional development

How they are delivered

We offer courses both remotely and face to face. You'll be in small groups with participants from a wide range of organisations, giving you opportunities to share experiences.

We recognise that every organisation is different. To save you time and money, we can deliver bespoke training at your workplace. To find out more, contact the Acas Training and Customer Services team.

You can also find out how we make our training accessible