Monitoring forms and surveys - Equality, diversity and inclusion

Monitoring forms and surveys

To check equality, diversity and inclusion in your workplace, you can start by using the equality and diversity monitoring forms job applicants and employees have given you.

Small businesses might not be able to use these forms because they’re not able to guarantee confidentiality. They could instead use an anonymous and voluntary staff survey.

You should then:

  • analyse the information for any significant differences between groups based on protected characteristics
  • carry out an investigation if something needs looking into

For example, you might carry out an investigation to find out:

  • how employees really feel about a certain workplace policy
  • if you’re really recruiting and promoting people fairly
  • if senior staff and managers are demonstrating the behaviours they expect of their staff

This could lead you to make changes to your equality, diversity and inclusion policy, its supporting action plan or a particular workplace practice.