Gender pay gap reporting

The 'gender pay gap' is the difference in average earnings between women and men. Employers with more than 250 staff must report their organisation's gender pay gap.

Guidance on gender pay gap reporting that was previously on the Acas website is now on GOV.UK.

Follow the gender pay gap reporting guidance on GOV.UK

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Furlough and gender pay gap reporting

You might need to include employees who were furloughed on the snapshot date in your gender pay gap report.

Furloughed employees on full pay

If you topped up a furloughed employee's wages to 100%, they are a 'full-pay relevant employee'.

You must include them in:

  • your head count
  • all gender pay gap calculations

Furloughed employees on less than full pay

If you put an employee on furlough but did not top up their wages to 100%, they are a 'relevant employee'.

You must include them in:

  • your head count
  • gender pay gap calculations that include bonus pay

Adding a supporting narrative

If furlough and coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected your gender pay gap, you should explain this in your report. You can do this in a voluntary statement called a 'supporting narrative'.

Find out about gender pay gap reporting on GOV.UK

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