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Helpline advisers

The Acas helpline receives nearly 750,000 calls a year. The helpline is for anyone who needs employment law or workplace advice, including employers, employees, workers and their representatives.

Helpline advisers answer calls from members of the public who need advice on problems or disputes at work.

Our helpline advisers come from a variety of backgrounds, including retail, contact centres, education and HR.

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What the role involves

Helpline advisers do much more than provide information on employment law. They can help callers get to the root cause of their problem and resolve issues at an early stage.

They support callers by:

  • providing free, impartial and confidential advice, tailoring it to each individual caller
  • identifying the most appropriate options for each caller, including referring them to other Acas and government services
  • being patient and sensitive to callers as they explain their situation

As part of the role, helpline advisers need to:

  • explain and discuss complex topics, to people who might not have much knowledge of employment law
  • be confident in handling challenging calls
  • get job satisfaction from helping people navigate difficult situations
  • be keen to take part in ongoing learning and skills development
  • be impartial at all times

Handling calls is at the core of the role. Helpline advisers take an average 30 to 50 calls a day. Each call is on average 8 to 9 minutes long. Some calls can last over an hour.

Calls can often be challenging. This is because of the stress or anxiety the caller experiences as a result of their work situation.

Essential qualities

Helpline advisers need to:

  • have strong verbal communication skills
  • be motivated and committed to providing good customer service
  • have emotional intelligence and resilience

Helpline advisers are experts on employment law. We make sure that relevant training is provided as part of the job.

Desirable qualities

Previous contact centre or customer service experience is helpful but not essential.

Where helpline advisers work

Helpline advisers have the option of flexible working. They can:

  • work at one of 4 Acas offices – in Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle or Nottingham – for an average 1 day a week
  • work from home for the remaining working week

How we support new helpline advisers

When new helpline advisers start their roles, we provide them with 9 weeks' training in employment law and call handling.

Once trained, they continue to receive regular time in their working week for professional development. This includes training on new developments in employment law.

Applying to be a helpline adviser

You can find and apply for helpline adviser job vacancies on Civil Service Jobs.

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