How we are governed

Acas is a non-departmental public body of the Department for Business and Trade (DBT). Most of our funding is provided by the Department for Business and Trade. 

Our Framework Document sets out the broad governance framework within which Acas and the Department for Business and Trade operate.

We're governed by an independent council. This means that we can provide an impartial service.

Clare Chapman, Acas Chair
Susan Clews, Acas Chief Executive

The Acas Council

The Acas Council governs our strategic direction, policies and priorities. It makes sure that we work effectively to meet our objectives and targets.

Council members are subject matter experts (employer, trade union and independent members), appointed by the Secretary of State for Business and Trade.

The Chair of the Acas Council is Clare Chapman, former Director General of the NHS workforce.

Our council members are:

  • Neil Carberry, Chief Executive of the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation)
  • Mike Clancy, General Secretary and Chief Executive of Prospect
  • Jayne Haines, Head of Talent at Rio Tinto
  • Simon Lewis, Barrister at Exchange Chambers
  • Christina McAnea, General Secretary of UNISON
  • Martin McTague, National Chair of the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses)
  • Ijeoma Omambala KC, Barrister at Old Square Chambers
  • Matthew Percival, People and Skills Policy Director of the CBI (Confederation of British Industry)
  • Roy Rickhuss, General Secretary of Community
  • Kevin Rowan, Head of Organisation, Services and Skills at the TUC (Trades Union Congress)
  • Ben Summerskill, Director of the Criminal Justice Alliance

Council sub-committees

The Acas Council is supported by 2 sub-committees:

  • the Audit and Risk and Assurance Committee
  • the People and Remuneration Committee

The Audit and Risk and Assurance Committee

The Audit and Risk and Assurance Committee regularly monitors risk management in Acas.

The Chair of the committee is Ben Summerskill, Acas Council member.

Committee members are:

  • Martin Veale, Independent Financial Expert
  • Susan Clews, Acas Chief Executive, Accounting Officer
  • Jayne Haines, Acas Council member
  • Roy Rickhuss, Acas Council member
  • Rob Mackintosh, Director of Finance and Governance, Acas
  • Assistant Director of Finance, Acas
  • Department for Business and Trade Labour Markets representative
  • Government Internal Audit Agency representative

The People and Remuneration Committee

The People and Remuneration Committee reviews the performance of senior civil servants and is responsible for their pay and rewards, including any awards and bonuses.

The Chair of the committee is Clare Chapman, Acas Council Chair.

Committee members are:

  • Neil Carberry, Acas Council member
  • Mike Clancy, Acas Council member
  • Ijeoma Omambala KC, Acas Council member
  • Head of Pay, Rewards and Workforce Planning, Acas

Terms of reference

The terms of reference for the Acas Council and its 2 sub-committees are published in our annual report and accounts 2022 to 2023 on GOV.UK.

To request a copy of the full terms of reference, email

Executive Board

The Executive Board works with the Acas Council to make sure we meet our targets. The board is responsible for:

  • reviewing our performance and delivery
  • making sure that we're managed effectively
  • setting our strategy

Our Executive Board members are:

  • Susan Clews, Chief Executive Officer, Accounting Officer
  • Anne Boyd, Director of Advice and Business Solutions
  • Dan Ellis, Director of People
  • Rob Mackintosh, Director of Finance and Governance
  • Kate Nowicki, Director of Dispute Resolution
  • James Vincent, Director of Digital, Data and Technology
  • Kirsty Watt, Director of Strategy and External Affairs

We also have 4 sub-boards that report to the Executive Board. These are:

  • Customer Service Board – responsible for delivering Acas operational services, chaired by Kate Nowicki and Anne Boyd
  • Finance and Portfolio Board – responsible for delivering organisational change projects, chaired by Rob Mackintosh
  • Technical Design and Delivery Board – responsible for delivering technical solutions, chaired by James Vincent
  • People and Culture Board – responsible for delivering people initiatives, chaired by Dan Ellis

If you have any questions about the Acas Council or Executive Board, email

Council meeting minutes

To request a copy of summary minutes of Acas Council meetings, email

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