Job roles at Acas

To help us make working life better for everyone in Britain, we have a variety of job roles in Acas that help us deliver our services, including:

  • helpline advisers
  • apprentices

Helpline advisers

The Acas helpline receives nearly 750,000 calls a year. The helpline is for anyone who needs employment law or workplace advice, including employers, employees, workers and their representatives.

Helpline advisers are fully trained on employment law and answer calls from members of the public who need advice on problems or disputes at work.

Helpline advisers do much more than provide information on employment law. They can help callers get to the root cause of their problem and resolve issues at an early stage.

They support callers by:

  • providing free, confidential advice, tailoring it to to each individual caller
  • identifying the most appropriate options for each caller, including referring them to other Acas and government services
  • being patient and sensitive to callers as they explain their situation

Watch our short YouTube video about working on the Acas helpline

Applying to be a helpline adviser

You can find and apply for helpline adviser job vacancies on Civil Service Jobs.

Our helpline advisers come from a variety of backgrounds, including retail, contact centres, education and HR.

You do not need previous knowledge of employment law to become a helpline adviser. We provide full training in employment law to help you become an expert in employment relations issues.


Apprenticeships are vocational qualifications. Vocational means that the qualification gives people the right skills and knowledge needed for their chosen career.

They are government registered qualifications that can start at level 2 (GCSE equivalent) through to level 6 and 7 (bachelor's and master's degree equivalent).

An apprenticeship at Acas is a way into a successful career in the Civil Service and beyond. Our apprenticeship programme provides opportunities for people to develop their skills and help us meet our strategic aims.

We offer a variety of apprenticeships in different business areas of Acas, including:

  • business analysis and administration
  • digital marketing
  • finance
  • HR
  • IT and digital
  • leadership and management
  • policy
  • project management
  • public relations and communications
  • software development

How long an Acas apprenticeship lasts

An apprenticeship at Acas can last up to 18 months depending on which you choose. All our apprentices receive a qualification when they complete their course.

Depending on business needs there is also the possibility of going into a permanent role at Acas.

How to apply for an Acas apprenticeship

You can find and apply for current apprenticeships at Acas on:

For more information about apprenticeships at Acas:

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