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How Acas advances equality and fosters good relations

Our Research Activities

We act as a centre of excellence for good relations in workplaces. We undertake research and evaluation into our services and wider workplace issues and when we do our qualified researchers always ensure that equality is a key component of their considerations

Reports of the findings from this evaluation programme and wider research are available at

A standard element of the evaluation of all those services in which people participate in their own right (rather than as representatives of an organisation) is an assessment of the demographic profile of service users. In addition, when analysing the experiences of our customers, results are examined for any evidence of different experiences of service use by their protected characteristics. Recent research papers including analysis of this kind are:

From time to time - for example when customer survey results indicate that there may be an issue which should be explored in more detail, or when a policy change seems set to impact on particular groups of service-user - we conduct research aimed specifically at unpicking how our services are experienced by these groups and how they might be improved. Examples include:

In addition to its evaluation programme, Acas also undertakes wider research on employment relations policy issues, designed to inform both the development of Acas services and wider debate. One strand of this research has been increasing understanding of the needs of employees with protected characteristics and/or on informing guidance to employers on appropriate workplace policy and practice. For example:

Our Training Activities

We advance equality and foster good relations through our Advisers by providing training around equality and diversity covering the law in the Equality Act 2010 and how good practice can ensure compliance in the workplace. We provide training to employees either in house or to groups of employees in good practice to avoid discrimination and respect diversity. We provide training on Bullying and Harassment.

Our Guidance Publications

Acas furthers equality and good relations through its range of equality advice and publications.