Your rights during redundancy

When you're given redundancy notice

If you're being made redundant, your employer must:

  • tell you how long your notice period is – whether it’s statutory or contractual
  • keep paying you until the end of your notice period

You'll usually carry on working until the end of your notice period. How much notice you get depends on how long you've worked for the employer.

It's a good idea to talk with your employer if there's any part of your redundancy notice you're not sure about. For example, you could ask them to put in writing:

  • the length of your notice period
  • the date your notice period starts
  • if you can leave before the end of your notice period
  • if you need to take any unused holiday before you leave
  • if you'll still get contractual benefits, for example a fuel card or mobile phone, during your notice period

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