Finding a job with a new employer - Your rights during redundancy

Finding a job with a new employer

If you've been made redundant, your employer must allow you a reasonable amount of time off during your notice period to:

  • look for another job
  • do training

This applies if you have continuously worked for your employer for 2 years or more, including the notice period.

Your employer does not have to pay more than 40% of a week's pay for time off to look for work or training during the notice period. This applies even if you take more than 40% of a week off.

Your contract might say that your employer pays more than this. If it's not in the contract, your employer can choose to pay more. Either way, they should treat everyone the same.

Example of paid time off

Robyn has been selected for redundancy. Their normal pay is £500 for a 5-day working week.

They take 5 days off to apply for new jobs during their notice period.

Robyn is paid £200 for this time off. This is 40% of their weekly pay.

Organisations that can help

There are government organisations that can help you find work or gain new skills to get a new job after redundancy.


The Jobcentre Plus Rapid Response Service can help you:

  • find work
  • write or update your CV
  • get training or new skills

Find out more about the Rapid Response Service on GOV.UK


Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (PACE) is a Scottish government service that supports those dealing with redundancy.

You can get free, confidential advice from career experts.

Find out more on the PACE website


ReAct+ is a Welsh Government programme that provides tailored support to get people back into employment.

Find out more about ReAct+ from the Welsh Government

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