Linking from advice to Acas training

If Acas provides training on a topic, link to the course page from relevant advice content.

A course page will be either:

We do not have a fixed content pattern for this, but it's best to:

  • link within the body text of advice – these tend to get more engagement than related content links
  • mention Acas training as part of a relevant step in the advice if it could help an employer – the main users of Acas training are employers and managers
  • keep training content brief so it's easy to scan – more detail will be available on the course page

The link could be passive or a call to action.

Acas training costs money, so it can help to say Acas 'provides training' or tell users they can 'book training' or 'get [insert topic] training' from Acas.

Example: as a sentence

You can get equality, diversity and inclusion training from Acas.

Example: with a subheading

Training for employers and managers

You can get Acas training on conducting investigations and following a fair disciplinary or grievance procedure.

Example: as part of further help and support

If you need help with a problem raised by an employee, you can contact the Acas helpline to talk through your options.

Acas also provides:

Example: box on a landing page

Screenshot of a navigation box on a landing page. Link text: Training: changing terms and conditions of employment - book now on our training website. Description: Training on the law and good practice when changing an employment contract.