Robin Beddoe obituary

Robin Beddoe was recruited to the Acas panel of independent experts in 2004. At that time, he was already a recognised expert and published author in employment issues including job evaluation and shift working. He had also worked as a ‘partisan’ independent expert, representing respondents in equal value pay claims lodged at employment tribunals. This had brought him into occasional contact with our own Acas independent experts.

The world of equal value litigation underwent a sea-change during this time. The number of claims received annually soared from less than 20 in April 2003, reaching 131 by March 2007. This rise was all the more significant because each claim could represent hundreds or even thousands of claimants. The pattern of high numbers of new cases would continue until the end of the decade. It was during this time that Robin became one of the stalwarts of the Acas panel and shouldered the responsibility for taking on large numbers of cases.

Robin was known for his methodological rigour and mastery of the subject matter. His approach was unique, highly cerebral and forensic. He was respected by Acas independent expert colleagues for his intellect and experience. As a person he was quiet, highly individual and not shy about fighting his corner – the latter in particular could be a useful quality when being cross-examined at tribunal by hostile, aggressive barristers.

We at Acas will remember Robin for his role in enabling us to provide an independent expert service at a time of unprecedented activity. It is doubtful whether we could have done so had he not been there to help us. His knowledge and considerable skills in his chosen fields were outstanding and he will be sorely missed by all of us.