Failing to make adjustments - Reasonable adjustments at work

Failing to make adjustments

If an employer does not make reasonable adjustments for someone at work or a job applicant, it could be a type of disability discrimination called 'failure to make reasonable adjustments'.

It might be that the employer believes a suggested adjustment is not reasonable. In this case, the employer should:

  • talk with the disabled person
  • explain their decision
  • try to find another way to support them, for example making other adjustments that are reasonable

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If someone feels they've been discriminated against

If someone thinks they've been discriminated against, they could make an informal or formal complaint to their employer or potential employer.

If the problem is not resolved, they could consider making a claim to an employment tribunal.

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Get more advice and support

The disability charity Scope has advice for employees on what they can do if their manager refuses a request for reasonable adjustments. This includes a template letter to send to someone more senior at work.

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