Making and handling complaints - Disability discrimination

Making and handling complaints

If someone has experienced or witnessed disability discrimination at work, they can make a complaint to their employer. The employer should take it seriously and look into it as soon as possible.

Disability discrimination can be very distressing and in some cases have a severe impact on someone's mental health and wellbeing.

Employers should make sure that:

  • reporting disability discrimination is as easy as possible
  • anyone who's experienced or witnessed it feels safe, protected and supported
  • anyone accused of disability discrimination is treated in an impartial and fair way

If you've experienced disability discrimination

It's best to make a complaint as soon as possible. But if you make a complaint a long time after an incident took place, your employer should still take it seriously.

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Witnessing disability discrimination

If you think someone at work is being discriminated against, there are actions you can take. This could include stepping in to try and stop it happening if you feel it's safe, supporting people or giving evidence.

Witnessing discrimination might also affect you personally. In some circumstances, you could make a harassment complaint yourself.

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Handling a discrimination complaint

If you're an employer or manager, you should look into any discrimination complaint in a way that's fair and sensitive to:

  • the person who made the complaint
  • anyone who witnessed it
  • anyone accused of bullying or discrimination

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