New research reveals that the economy benefits by £644 million thanks to Acas services

New independent research published today has revealed that the economy has benefitted by £644 million from Acas services.

The new report 'Estimating the economic impact of Acas services' looked at the economic impact of each of Acas’s services in 2018 to 2019. It found that:

  • Acas dispute resolution services have benefitted the economy by £286 million
  • Acas training services and support for businesses have benefitted the economy by £66 million
  • Acas helpline services have benefitted the economy by £216 million
  • Acas web advice and information has benefitted the economy by £76 million

Acas Chief Executive, Susan Clews, said:

"This report is a wide ranging piece of independent research that highlights the enormous benefits, which all of our services give to the wider economy and the tax payer too. It is a testament to the hard work that our staff do day in and day out to meet the demands of our customers, as we’ve shown during the pandemic too. 

“Acas employees who work in our individual conciliation and training services should also be proud of their achievements that are highlighted in two additional research published today.”

Acas has also published 2 new pieces of independent research today that look at the organisation’s individual conciliation and training services. The reports found that:

To read the full reports, see:

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