Maria Shinn is appointed as Area Director for Acas East of England

Maria Shinn has been appointed as the new Acas Area Director for the East of England. She has been with Acas since 2003 and has significant experience in handling various employment relations matters, including high-profile collective disputes such as with NHS trusts and the aviation industry.

Maria has used her vast experience and business relationships to work with organisations across the East of England, helping them manage the economic impacts of coronavirus. This has included working with local trade unions and businesses to improve dispute management at a time when conflict and pressure on jobs is acute.

Maria Shinn said:

“I am delighted to be appointed Area Director for the East of England. Our region is vital for the UK economy as it has the largest number of small businesses and contains some of the largest ports and air freight hubs in the country.

“Over the past year, we have helped 7,500 people with individual conciliation cases, dealt with over 40 large industrial disputes as well as hosting 3,500 delegates who have attended Acas training in the East of England from April 2019 to March 2020.

“My aim is to continue to improve our services by working closely with local businesses and working people, which are needed more than ever due to the coronavirus pandemic.”

Acas’s services in the East of England range from resolving the most difficult conflicts to promoting positive mental health at work and helping businesses and employees face the numerous challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic. This has included:

  • working closely with Public Health England and local authorities in the region to focus on the wellbeing of employees and employers
  • working with businesses, trade unions and local authorities by giving up-to-date information and advice to employees and employers on their rights

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