Job offer letter template: with written statement

A template for a letter when offering someone a job. Free to use.

You can copy and paste the template text into an email or document.

This job offer letter includes the job's 'written statement of employment particulars'. It must be provided on or before the first day of employment.

If you want to send a job offer letter with the written statement attached as a separate document, use our job offer cover letter template.


[Successful candidate's full name]
[Successful candidate's address]

[Date of letter]

Dear [candidate's first name],

Following [the organisation's recent selection / your recent interview], I am writing to offer you the post of [title of job] at the salary of [amount] per year, starting on [start date].

On starting, you will report to [manager's name].

This is a [permanent / fixed-term / temporary post / temporary post to cover for maternity leave].

This letter forms part of your contract of employment.

The other terms and conditions of your employment will be:

  • Continuous employment – your previous employment [counts / does not count] as part of a period of 'continuous employment' (working for the same employer without a significant break). [Optional] This began on [insert date continuous employment started].
  • Place of work – [address]
  • [Optional] Other places you may be required to work at – [addresses]
  • [Optional] Working abroad – you may be required to travel outside of the UK for a total of up to [number of months] in any 12-month period. [Insert terms that apply to working abroad].
  • Hours of work – [number – for example, 40] per week, [days and times – for example, Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm, including 1 hour lunch break; and 1 Saturday in 4, 9am to 1pm, with time off in lieu for weekend working]
  • Salary – reviewed every [period – for example, 12 months] with [job title of manager – for example, your head of department]. Your monthly salary will be paid into you [bank / building society] account on the [date – for example, 12 months]
  • Benefits – [insert outline of perks – for example, company car and sales commission – and where more information can be found]
  • Company pension – [insert where more information can be found]
  • Collective agreements – [insert details of any collective agreements or state if there are none]
  • Holiday entitlement – [number] days per year plus [number] bank holidays. The holiday year runs from [give dates – for example, 1 April to 31 March]
  • Holiday pay – [insert details, including how holiday pay is calculated if candidate leaves]
  • Absence – if you're absent from work for any reason you must inform [name] by telephone as soon as possible, but no later than [insert deadline].
  • Sick pay – you may be entitled to be paid if you're not able to work due to sickness or injury. [Insert terms of Statutory Sick Pay and any contractual sick pay].
  • Other paid leave – [insert details of any statutory or additional paid leave candidate is entitled to]
  • Probationary period – there will be a probationary period of [length of probationary period – usually 3 or 6 months] which will have to be completed satisfactorily. [Insert conditions of the probationary period].
  • Performance management – a review with [name / job title – for example line manager] every [period – for example, 3 months], with a full structured appraisal every [period – for example, 12 months]
  • Training – [insert details of any compulsory training and whether this is paid for by the employer]. [Insert details of any non-compulsory training provided or where to find information about this].
  • Notice period – [insert details – for example, during the probationary period, 1 week's notice by you or the employer; after the probationary period, 1 month's notice by you or the employer]
  • Grievances – if you wish to raise a grievance, you should put it in writing to [job title / your manager]. [Insert where to find grievance procedure].
  • Disciplinary rules and procedures – [insert where to find disciplinary rules and procedures]. If you're unhappy with any disciplinary decision taken in relation to you, you can appeal in writing to [insert job title].

[Optional] We will provide you with [the employee handbook / links to relevant information on the intranet / an induction pack] on your first day of employment.

As explained at your [assessment day / interview], this job offer is made subject to satisfactory results from necessary pre-employment checks.

If you have any queries on the contents of this letter or the pre-employment checks, please do not hesitate to contact me on [letter writer's telephone number] or [letter writer's email address].

To accept this offer, please sign this letter and send it back to [insert details].

We are delighted to offer you this opportunity and look forward to you joining the organisation and working with you.

Yours sincerely,

[The letter writer's name and job title]

[Business or organisation name]
[Business or organisation address]

For the candidate to sign and return

I accept the job offer on the terms and conditions outlined in this letter.

Signed: [successful candidate to write their signature]

Name: [successful candidate to print their full name in capital letters]

Date: [insert date]

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