If you applied but did not get a job - Rejected job applications

If you applied but did not get a job

If you applied for a job and did not get it, you can ask the employer to:

  • tell you the reasons why
  • share with you any formal rules – for example, a company recruitment policy, or rules it has on recruiting for that job – employers do not have to have these formal rules
  • give you any other feedback, for example how you could have done better in the job interview

The employer does not have to give you this information. But it’s a good idea that they do, so that:

  • you know what to do differently with your future job applications
  • they show they’re open in how they make these decisions
  • they keep a good relationship with you, if you already work for them

You might be able to challenge their decision if you believe they’re:

  • breaking discrimination law, for example you did not get it because of your sex or race
  • not applying their own rules consistently, for example they have a written policy on how they should conduct a job interview, and yours was conducted differently