How to raise a problem at work


Have an informal chat with your employer first

If you have a problem at work it’s normally better to raise it informally with your employer first.

You may feel nervous about raising an issue, but employers are often open to resolving problems quickly without going through a formal procedure.

You should approach your line manager first. If you do not feel comfortable doing that, try and find someone else you feel comfortable talking to (such as another manager or someone in HR).

An informal chat can range from a quiet word to a more structured meeting. If a meeting is set up you can ask a colleague to come with you if you feel you do not want to go alone. At this stage your employer does not have to agree to this.

When an informal chat is not the best option   

For some serious issues, such as sexual harassment or whistleblowing, an informal chat is not the best approach. You should instead raise a formal grievance to your employer.

How to raise a problem at work

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