What you need to do - Early conciliation: getting an agreement

What you need to do

There are things you can do to help with getting an agreement through early conciliation.

Any agreement you reach will be legally binding and will mean you do not have to go to an employment tribunal.

Know what you want

You're more likely to reach an agreement if you're clear about what you'd like to get out of it.

It can help to think about the outcome you’d be happy with. This could be, for example:

  • getting your job back
  • getting wages you're owed
  • a job reference
  • keeping your work equipment
  • being able to transfer a qualification or training you've done

Be flexible and realistic

It might help you reach an agreement if you're flexible about what you'll accept.

What you think you should get may not be realistic and you might need to reconsider what you'd find acceptable.

Your conciliator will be able to help with this. They can give examples of agreements and awards that came out of cases similar to yours.

You and your employer are more likely to come to an agreement if you're both willing to compromise.

Be involved and prepare

You need to take an active part in conciliation. We'll ask you to do certain things, for example:

  • gather information to support your case
  • let us know what type of claim you're planning to make, for example unpaid wages or discrimination
  • carry out certain tasks between our calls

It will also help if you get back to us quickly with any request. Any delays will take more time out of the 6 weeks you have to come to an agreement.

You'll need to set aside some time for early conciliation, but it will be quicker than going to an employment tribunal. It could take up to a year to get a final tribunal hearing.

Getting legal advice

Acas cannot give legal advice on your dispute, but you might be able to get legal advice from:

  • Citizens Advice – find your nearest on the Citizens Advice website
  • home insurance, if it includes legal cover
  • free legal clinics
  • your union

Find out more about getting legal advice

Get emotional support if you need it

Having a dispute at work can be very emotional. This can sometimes make it more difficult to come to an agreement.

It can help to find ways of getting emotional support.

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