Getting legal advice

Workplace issues can be complicated, so you might want to get advice on what to do.

Acas helpline advisers can walk you through your options, but we cannot give legal advice. This is because we're impartial and cannot take sides.

But there are options if you want specific advice on your situation.

For employees and workers

It can be useful to get independent advice if you're thinking about starting an employment tribunal claim or other court claim against an employer.

This can help you:

  • understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case
  • get support during the legal process, if you do go through with it

If you're thinking of making a claim to an employment tribunal, you do not have to use a solicitor.

You might be able to get legal support through:

If you do want to use a solicitor, you can find one by searching:

You might want to use a solicitor who specialises in employment law. You'll usually have to pay for legal advice.

For discrimination claims

If you're thinking of making a claim for discrimination, you might be able to get legal advice through legal aid.

Find out about legal aid on GOV.UK

Employees and workers can get impartial advice from the Equality Advisory and Support Service (EASS).

For employers

It could be important to get independent advice if you:

  • are making a decision that could be challenged by your employees
  • want to know the possible outcomes or risks of legal action

You could get legal advice through one of the following:

  • your workplace's insurance, if it covers legal advice
  • your workplace's legal service subscription, if you have one
  • a solicitor (you might want to use one who specialises in employment law – search the Law Society website for solicitors in England and Wales or the Law Society of Scotland website)

It's important to remember that you might have to pay if you get independent or legal advice.