Holiday and leave during coronavirus (COVID-19)

If an employee needs time off work to look after someone

Employees are entitled to time off work to help someone who depends on them (a 'dependant') in an unexpected event or emergency. This could apply to situations to do with coronavirus (COVID-19).

A dependant does not necessarily live with the person, for example they could be an elderly neighbour or relative who relies on the person for help.

There's no statutory right to pay for this time off, but some employers might offer pay depending on the contract or workplace policy.

The amount of time off an employee takes to look after someone must be reasonable for the situation. For example, they might take 2 days off to start with, and if more time is needed, they can book paid holiday ('annual leave').

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Time off for childcare

Disruptions to schools and childcare services will have an effect on care and working arrangements. This may be an anxious time for parents, and employers may still need to plan cover at work.

If employees need emergency time off for childcare or to make new arrangements, they can use:

Employers and employees can consider these steps:

  • talking to each other early on about time off that might be needed
  • agreeing regular conversations so both can plan ahead
  • agreeing flexible working instead of taking longer periods of time off, for example working from home or changing working hours to allow for childcare

If any agreement is made, it's a good idea for it to be in writing.

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