How to appeal - Appealing a disciplinary or grievance

How to appeal

Your organisation's disciplinary and grievance policy should tell you how to appeal. If not, you should raise your appeal in writing to your employer.

Write in a letter or email:

  • why you think your outcome was wrong or unfair – for example, if you felt the person investigating your case did not get enough evidence
  • what you would like to happen next – for example, you could ask if your employer can carry out another investigation or look at the new evidence you have found

You should do this as soon as possible or within the time period that your organisation might have set in their policy. Acas recommends 5 working days from receiving your outcome as an appropriate amount of time.

Use our:

Who carries out the appeal process

The person who carries out your appeal and any further investigation should:

  • not have been previously involved in your case
  • be more senior than anyone who carried out any part of your case previously

This might not always be possible, especially in small organisations. However, your employer should try and make the process as fair as they can. If possible, they could also bring in an external person to carry out the appeal.

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