Acas responds to flexible furlough arrangements

On 1 July, the government changed the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to allow employers to bring back furloughed staff on agreed new 'flexible furlough' part-time working arrangements.

Acas Chief Executive, Susan Clews, said:

"The government's furlough scheme has helped millions of workers across the country. Whilst the country is not yet back to normal, workplaces are reopening again as the lockdown begins to ease up.

"Employers can now take advantage of a change to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme that allows businesses to bring back furloughed employees on a part-time basis. Workers will be able to benefit from getting full pay for the days that they work and employers will have more flexibility to run their businesses.

"Any changes to working arrangements will need to be agreed between employers and their furloughed staff. Acas advises that this agreement should be put in writing and we have updated our coronavirus workplace advice today that explains how to do this, as well as explaining the basics of the new flexible furlough changes."

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