Acas advice on workplace rights for night time workers after clocks go back

The clocks are set to go back one hour this weekend at 2am on Sunday 25 October.

Employees and their bosses may want to know about workplace pay rights for those working late night shifts during the time change.

Tom Neil, Acas Senior Adviser, said:

"Employers and their staff should check the wording of their contracts to find out exactly what they should be paid if they are required to work an extra hour due to the clocks going back.

"If an employee is paid hourly then they should be paid for every hour they work. So if they work an extra hour, they should be paid for the extra hour."

Further advice for employers includes:

  • if an employee is paid a set salary each year then their contract could stipulate a requirement to work extra hours without additional pay but this needs to be clearly set out
  • employers need to ensure that any additional hours do not result in their staff being paid below the minimum wage
  • treat the shift like any other shift and just allow staff to work a set number of hours

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