Evaluation of Acas Certificate in Internal Workplace Mediation training

An independent evaluation of Acas's Certificate in Internal Workplace Mediation (CIWM) training course.


Evaluation of the Certificate in Internal Workplace Mediation training (Word version, 2MB)

Evaluation of the Certificate in Internal Workplace Mediation training (PDF, 2MB)


This independent evaluation by IFF Research looks at:

  • survey results of 125 delegates who took part in the Certificate in Internal Workplace Mediation training between July 2021 and June 2022
  • case studies with 4 organisations, involving interviews with 4 training delegates and 3 senior leaders

The views in this paper are the authors' own and do not necessarily reflect those of Acas or the Acas Council. Any errors or inaccuracies are the responsibility of the authors alone.

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Early intervention in workplace conflict saves money, time and resources for businesses. Conflict can occur in any workplace.

The prevalence and variety of conflict suggests that it is important to understand how organisations go about addressing disputes in their organisations and whether their approaches are effective in addressing conflict in a fair and efficient manner.

Differences between individuals at work can lead to grievances, absences, reduced or lost production and ultimately the loss of valuable employees. Mediation is a way to mend relationships when there is a disagreement at work. It can be used early, in any organisation. By training your staff to be internal workplace mediators, you can reduce stress, avoid more formal processes, and save money.

Many organisations turn to Acas for help to develop mediation schemes that meet their needs and to train their employees in mediation skills. The Certificate in Internal Workplace Mediation has been developed by Acas in response to this demand and provides a course which we believe delivers a sound foundation for successful mediating. 

The Certificate in Internal Workplace Mediation trains people managers, team leaders and employee representatives to make a positive difference at work and is accredited by NCFE, a nationally recognised awarding organisation. This means the course is checked and meets a consistent standard.

The regular feedback we receive from training delegates shows consistently high levels of satisfaction. We welcome the findings from this new research into the impact of the training. We are particularly pleased to see how valuable delegates find Acas's training when they put it into practice and the positive impact it has had on their work, organisations and interpersonal skills. 

Published 30 August 2023