Having IVF treatment - Maternity leave and pay

Having IVF treatment

If you become pregnant through IVF, you have all the same pregnancy and maternity rights as non-IVF pregnancies.

There's no legal right for time off work for IVF treatment or related sickness. But your employer should treat your IVF appointments and any sickness the same as any other medical appointment or sickness. You can check your contract for this.

You could talk with your employer about any time off you need during your IVF treatment. They might agree to you using:

  • flexible working
  • paid time off, unpaid time off or holiday

When you have pregnancy protection rights

You have pregnancy rights once you've had an embryo transfer (the last part of the IVF process) and might become pregnant.

You do not have to tell your employer at this stage, but you might find it helpful as they could offer support.

If your employer knows you might be pregnant, you're protected against unfair dismissal and unfair treatment related to your possible pregnancy.

If you find out you're pregnant

You continue to have the same rights throughout your pregnancy and maternity as with non-IVF pregnancies.

If the IVF was unsuccessful

You're still protected by law against pregnancy discrimination for 2 weeks after finding out an embryo transfer was unsuccessful.

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