Having a policy - Statutory flexible working requests

Having a policy

As an employer, it's good practice to have a policy on flexible working.

A flexible working policy should cover:

  • what flexible working is
  • types of flexible working
  • the organisation's approach to flexible working
  • who can make a flexible working request
  • how to submit a request
  • how to respond to a request
  • appealing a decision
  • next steps once a request is approved
  • how to raise and resolve issues with flexible working

Your policy must follow the law on flexible working. Read more about the legal right to request flexible working.

A policy can help:

  • set expectations
  • make clear the process to follow
  • handle flexible working requests consistently, in line with the law

Use our example flexible working policy

Supporting and training managers

As an employer, you can support managers by:

  • sharing your flexible working policy with the whole organisation
  • making the procedure for handling requests clear in your policy
  • training managers on how to handle flexible working requests if needed

You can use your policy as the basis for any training for managers.

Acas offers training and webinars for managers and employers:

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