Step 5: After an investigation - Investigations at work

Step 5: After an investigation

If the employer or person investigating feels they need more information, they can go back and investigate again.

They should:

  • try to do this in reasonable time
  • tell the employee about any delays completing the investigation

Making an investigation report

When there's enough information and the investigation is finished, the employer should have a written report. The employer should share this report with the employee.

For more help writing investigation reports, you can use:

If the employer had a person carrying out the investigation for them, that person can give recommendations for next steps, if this was agreed in the investigation plan.

Giving recommendations

If the person investigating is to give recommendations at the end of the investigation, they should recommend one of the following:

  • formal action
  • informal action
  • no further action

Formal action

Formal action could be:

  • to initiate a disciplinary hearing
  • changes to an organisation's policy or procedure
  • further investigation into other matters that were found

Informal action

Informal action could be:

  • training or coaching for parties involved
  • counselling for parties involved
  • mediation for parties involved
  • notification that further similar action might end in disciplinary action

No further action

The outcome of the investigation might be that no further action is needed.

However, the person investigating might still suggest anything that could help the organisation and the people involved, for example:

  • counselling
  • mediation
  • another form of support

Carrying on with the disciplinary or grievance procedure

Now they have more information, the employer should check again if the issue can be resolved informally.

After an investigation, the employer might find there's no evidence to carry on with the disciplinary or grievance procedure. In this case, they should end the procedure and tell the employee in question there'll be no further action.

The employer might find there's an issue that cannot be resolved informally. In this case they should follow the next steps in the disciplinary or grievance procedure.

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