Hybrid working advice for employees

Working from home and hybrid working became more common during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As workplaces reopen, your employer might be reviewing temporary arrangements made during the pandemic.

You might want to ask your employer about:

  • working from home on a more permanent basis
  • changing how often you come into the workplace

What you can do

Check if your employer has a hybrid working policy. A policy can help explain how things work in your organisation.

Discuss your requests, ideas and concerns with your employer or manager, or your representatives (for example, a recognised trade union).

Working from home and hybrid working can be considered alongside other types of flexible working – for example, different working patterns.

Making a formal request

You might be able to make a formal flexible working request. Employers do not need to accept flexible working requests, but they must consider them and respond appropriately.

If you're disabled, you could ask for working from home or hybrid working as a 'reasonable adjustment'.

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What your employer should do

Employers and managers should work with you to agree any changes.

They should:

  • consider how things will work – including considering your needs and requests
  • consult – including considering contracts
  • create a policy
  • treat staff fairly and avoid discrimination
  • support and manage staff appropriately

Find advice for employers on hybrid working and working from home

If you disagree with your employer

You can raise a problem with them. If you cannot solve it informally, you can raise the issue formally.

Find out how to raise a problem at work

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