Risk assessments - Wellbeing when working from home

Risk assessments

By law, employers must conduct a 'suitable and sufficient' risk assessment of their employees' working environment.

If an employer is not able to carry out a full risk assessment, they should provide their employees with information on working safely at home. This could include asking them to carry out a self-assessment of their workspace and equipment.

If changes are needed to make sure an employee can work at home in a safe and healthy way, employers are responsible for making sure they happen.

Employers should review risk assessments regularly to make sure their employees' working environments remain safe and healthy.

For more information, you can:

Checking insurance cover

Make sure your insurance covers employees working from home.

You should also remind your employees to check that there are no issues with them working from home. Employees should check with their home insurer and their mortgage provider or landlord.

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