Step 5: Deciding the outcome - Formal grievance procedure

Step 5: Deciding the outcome

After following a fair grievance procedure, the employer should decide on the best outcome based on:

  • the findings from meetings and investigations
  • what is fair and reasonable
  • what their organisation has done in any similar cases before

The employer should tell the employee of the outcome as soon as possible and in writing, for example in a letter or email.

If the grievance involved other people in the organisation and it was upheld, the employer might need to start a disciplinary procedure.

If the employer decides no action is needed

To make sure there is no bad feeling, the employer should talk privately with the employee.

It's a good idea for the employer to keep a note of how they carried out the procedure for future reference.

The employee's right of appeal

The employer should offer the employee the right of appeal.

This is so the employee can raise an appeal if they feel:

  • the outcome does not resolve the problem
  • any stage of the grievance procedure was wrong or unfair

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