Getting paid for mandatory training

'Mandatory training' is any training that your employer says you need to do.

Whether you get paid for time spent on mandatory training can depend on your contract.

If you’re an employee or worker and started working for your employer after 6 April 2020 your written terms must set out the training that you must complete, including training the employer does not pay for.

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If you earn more than the National Minimum Wage

If you earn more than the National Minimum Wage, the time spent doing mandatory training might already be covered by your pay. If the training is not during your normal working hours, check your employment contract to see if you'll be paid for the time spent on training. You should talk to your manager if you’re not sure.

If you earn less than the National Minimum Wage

If you earn the National Minimum Wage or close to it then your employer should pay you for time spent on mandatory training. This is because the pay received compared to the hours worked in the pay reference period might bring you below the National Minimum Wage.

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Mandatory training on furlough

You could train while you were on furlough. If your furlough pay was below minimum wage, your employer must top up your pay for any time you spent on mandatory training.

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