When an employer may make a decision based on age, race or another protected characteristic

Finding out about the equality and diversity of the workforce

Employers can ask employees and job applicants to give information about their protected characteristics (such as their sex or race) on an equality monitoring form. 

If an employer does this, they should only use the information to:

  • understand how many people in the workforce have a certain protected characteristic, for example what percentage are women
  • make the workplace fair

So that they do not break the law, the employer should:

  • make clear to the employee or job applicant that this information is voluntary (they do not have to provide it if they do not want to)
  • make sure the information they get is anonymous
  • make sure this process is completely separate and confidential, for example by making sure the information is not seen by anyone involved in hiring the person

Employers can download our equality and diversity monitoring form template.