Disciplinary procedure: step by step

Step 6: After the disciplinary procedure

Talking to staff

The disciplinary outcome and details must remain confidential. However, where appropriate, it can be a good idea for the employer to talk privately with any staff who knew the disciplinary procedure was happening.

This can help avoid any negative effects on the business, for example:

  • bad feeling
  • gossip
  • bullying
  • low work morale

Keeping a record

No matter what the outcome, it’s a good idea for employers to keep a written record of all disciplinary cases to help with any questions or similar cases in the future.

In line with data protection law, records should be:

  • confidential
  • only be kept for as long as necessary

You can read a guide to data privacy from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

References after disciplinary action

By law, an employer does not have to provide a reference.

When an employer gives a reference they must make them:

  • fair
  • accurate
  • consistent with others

This means they might have to give information about the employee’s disciplinary outcome.

Find out more about references.

Further help and support

If you need help with a disciplinary case, you can contact the Acas helpline to talk through your options.

Acas also provides: