Statutory leave and sickness - Holiday entitlement

Statutory leave and sickness

Employees still 'accrue' (build up) holiday when they're:

  • on statutory leave
  • off work because of sickness or injury

Statutory leave

Employees still accrue holiday entitlement while on statutory:

  • maternity leave
  • paternity leave
  • adoption leave
  • shared parental leave
  • ordinary parental leave
  • parental bereavement leave
  • carer's leave – this right comes into effect on 6 April 2024

When an employee knows they're going to be taking statutory leave, they should discuss with their employer:

  • how much paid holiday they'll accrue before and during the planned statutory leave
  • when they're going to take their accrued holiday
  • how much they can carry over, if appropriate
  • if they have contractual holiday entitlement, whether they can get paid instead of taking the days that are additional to statutory


Find out more about sick pay and holiday pay, including advice on:

  • taking holiday while off sick
  • if an employee gets sick while on holiday
  • accruing holiday entitlement while off sick

Irregular hours workers and part-year workers

There are specific rules about how irregular hours workers and part-year workers accrue holiday when off sick or on statutory leave.

Find out more about accruing holiday during sickness or statutory leave for irregular hours workers and part-year workers

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