Changing an employment contract

When changes are agreed

Changes can be agreed verbally or in writing.

Agreed changes do not always have to be in writing, but it's a good idea to prevent any misunderstandings. It can also help to say when changes will take effect.

When changes must be in writing

If a change relates to anything that must legally be in the employee’s written terms ('written statement of employment particulars'), the employer must notify the employee of the change in writing within a month of the change taking effect.

For example, the employer should do this if the change relates to: 

  • the job title 
  • the job description 
  • the job location 
  • pay 
  • working hours 
  • holiday entitlement 
  • changes to collective agreements with a trade union 

Written terms provided before 6 April 2020

If the employee's written terms were provided before 6 April 2020 and need to change, the employer must give all the following in writing to the employee: