Acas support and training – employment contract changes

We offer a range of support services to help employers, employees and their representatives understand the law and good practice on changing employment contracts. These include:

  • Acas services to help resolve disagreements
  • training and tailored support for your organisation

Help with resolving disagreements

We can help to resolve disagreements about employment contract changes through:

  • Acas helpline advice
  • early conciliation
  • collective conciliation
  • arbitration

Acas helpline

You can contact our helpline if you have any questions about:

  • changing employment contracts
  • your options if there's a disagreement

Contact the Acas helpline

We can explain the law and talk you through your options, but we cannot give you legal advice.

Early conciliation

If an employee is considering making a claim to an employment tribunal, either they or their employer can request early conciliation.

Early conciliation is when we talk impartially to both the employer and the employee about the disagreement. It gives both sides the chance to come to an agreement without it going to an employment tribunal.

Find out more about early conciliation

Collective conciliation

Collective conciliation is when we help resolve disagreements between an employer and a group of employees, usually when they are represented by a trade union.

Collective conciliation can be requested by employers or employee representatives.

Collective conciliation can help if there's a risk of industrial action.

Some collective agreements between an employer and a trade union might say that disagreements should be referred to Acas at a certain stage. Collective conciliation can still be requested even if it's not part of a collective agreement.

Acas can also help by looking at ways to help prevent future disagreements. For example, by helping to develop a 'partnership agreement' with a trade union to help everyone work together in the future.

Find out more about collective conciliation


Arbitration is when an independent arbitrator makes a decision on a disagreement to settle it. Arbitration can sometimes help if it's not been possible to resolve a disagreement through conciliation.

There are two types of arbitration:

  • collective arbitration – for disagreements between an employer and a group of employees
  • individual arbitration – for certain disagreements between an employer and an employee

Arbitration can be requested by an employee or an employer.

Find out more about Acas arbitration

Training courses

We offer training for employers and managers on the law and good practice on consultation and changing employment contracts.

Our training courses include:

Find out more about Acas training and events

Tailored support for your organisation

Our advisers can help employers, employees and their representatives work together to:

  • consult and negotiate effectively
  • consider and agree contract changes
  • get trade union recognition
  • set up non-union employee representative forums

Find out more about our tailored support

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