Case studies

In-depth case studies that measure the impact and explore user perceptions of the services Acas provides.

Supporting employees with mental health conditions

  • Type=Media;Mediaid=4933;Style=; - this case study focusses on how Suffolk County Council is responding to the challenge of managing mental health at work.

Productivity case studies

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Employee Feedback Survey Tool

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Acas Open Access Training case studies

A series of case studies on Acas training on employment relations open to all:

  • Type=Media;Mediaid=3364;Style=; - staff report on the impact of attending Open Access sessions covering investigation skills and equality
  • Type=Media;Mediaid=3365;Style=; - two staff members report their experiences of the 'Employment Law' and 'Equality and Diversity' courses
  • Type=Media;Mediaid=3366;Style=; - staff report on the impact of attending Open Access training on 'Equality and Diversity', 'Redundancy' and 'Disciplinary and Grievances' 
  • Type=Media;Mediaid=3367;Style=; - staff give their view on the impact of the Open Access sessions addressing absenteeism
  • Type=Media;Mediaid=3368;Style=; - staff attended 'Discipline and Grievances' and 'Conducting Investigations' workshops and give their views on the impact  

Innovative Workplace case studies

A series of case studies from an in-depth support initiative for organisations seeking to improve performance:

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Workplace Training case studies

A series of case studies on tailored Acas training in the workplace:

Redundancy training

  • Type=Media;Mediaid=1148;Style=; - Acas training helped Vodafone to establish a consultation forum to support a redundancy process 
  • Type=Media;Mediaid=2678;Style=; - Acas training helped a major chemicals manufacturer to undertake effective employee consultation during a programme of redundancy

Mediation training

  • Type=Media;Mediaid=1030;Style=; - Acas provided mediation plus training for establishing in-house mediation arrangements to a housing trust that was experiencing high numbers of employee grievances.

Diversity training

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Line management training

  • Type=Media;Mediaid=3634;Style=; - an SME report on the impact of Acas Workplace Training and policy advice on developing good management practice 
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Works Council training

  • Type=Media;Mediaid=3633;Style=; - Acas Workplace Training helps an SME deal with the challenges associated with rapid growth

Attendance management

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  • Type=Media;Mediaid=4015;Style=; - In-depth case study on effective people management strategies in employee transfers (TUPE) in the experience of Consumer Futures.

Workplace Projects case studies

A series of case studies on Acas in-company support packages, known as Workplace Projects:

Equality and diversity

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Bullying and harassment

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Attendance management

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  • Type=Media;Mediaid=2702;Style=; - Acas helped a global manufacturer to engage with its employees in order to identify where improvements in employment relations could be made

Employment policies

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  • Type=Media;Mediaid=2701;Style=; - Acas facilitated a partnership approach to tackling implementation of a new shift work arrangements at an NHS Foundation Trust

Stress management

  • Type=Media;Mediaid=2700;Style=; - Acas helped develop an action plan at a further education college that was experiencing problems with stress

Working relations

  • Type=Media;Mediaid=2703;Style=; - Acas joint workshops brought the trade unions and the HR team together at a global manufacturing organisation 
  • Type=Media;Mediaid=3019;Style=; - Acas workshops helped improve team relationships and avoid formal grievance procedures at a further education college 
  • Type=Media;Mediaid=3072;Style=; - Acas-facilitated sessions helped to improve an adversarial industrial relations climate in a public sector organisation 
  • Type=Media;Mediaid=3018;Style=; - Acas workshops helped a divided team at a charitable organisation to establish better working relationships following a series of grievances

Partnership working

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Collective conciliation case studies

A series of case studies on Acas' collective conciliation service

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  • Type=Media;Mediaid=3747;Style=; - a case study exploring the role of Acas Collective Conciliation in disputes which arose on the London Underground during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 
  • Type=Media;Mediaid=3051;Style=; - Acas collective conciliation in a dispute over pensions in one of the UK's main energy ports