Annual report and accounts 2021 to 2022

In the financial year 2021 to 2022, Acas services performed well, going above their targets in most cases.

This year we have made progress in delivering our strategy. Highlights of this include:

  • answering helpline calls – 88% of customers were able to take a clear action after their call
  • resolving disputes – we settled 94% of collective disputes that came to us
  • working with partners to publish advice on coronavirus (COVID-19), including on vaccinations and long covid
  • setting up internal staff networks to improve our policies and practices

Our year in numbers

  • £12 benefit to the economy for every £1 spent on Acas services
  • £62.5 million budget

  • 14.5 million visits to our website

    10.9 million visits to our advice
  • 644,000 calls to the Acas helpline
  • over 500 collective conciliations
  • 91,000 early conciliation notifications covering 156,000 individual disputes
  • 37,000 took our online training courses
  • 11,000joined our webinars

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