Going to the workplace during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Returning to work after being off sick with COVID-19

When someone has been off sick with coronavirus (COVID-19) and is ready to go back to work, they should talk with their employer as early as possible.

They could discuss:

If someone is ready to go back to the workplace after being off sick with COVID-19, it's up to their employer to decide whether they think it's safe for them to return.

If someone is ready to go back to the workplace, they should also check their organisation's sickness and absence policies to see if they give any extra information about returning to work.

Returning to work with long COVID

The effects of COVID-19 are still being understood and the person might experience long COVID.

People with long COVID might need ongoing support and further sick leave after they've returned to work.

Find out more about long COVID

If other staff have concerns

Other staff might be worried about being exposed to the virus if someone who's had COVID-19 or has long COVID comes back to the workplace.

Employers should:

  • reassure staff by making clear how they're keeping the workplace safe
  • keep communication open but check first with the person who's had COVID-19 about any details they want kept confidential
  • encourage an inclusive working environment
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