Working safely during coronavirus

Who can go to the workplace

Current government coronavirus (COVID-19) guidelines are that you may only leave your home for work if you cannot reasonably work from home.

In Wales, some sectors of work can now reopen.

The restrictions and when they will change may be different in England, Scotland and Wales. See full government guidelines for:

If working from home is not possible, employers might:

  • put staff on furlough
  • agree to staff using holiday or unpaid leave

Workplaces that must stay closed

Many workplaces must stay closed during the current restrictions.

See the latest government guidelines for:

Working from home

For staff working from home, the employer should:

  • pay them as usual
  • keep in regular contact
  • check on their health and wellbeing

Find more advice about working from home.

Workplaces that can be open

Where workplaces are allowed to be open and staff cannot work from home, it's important for everyone to follow working safely guidelines.

Find out what to do if someone is worried or not able to go to the workplace.

Working safely
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