Homepage news and updates boxes – content pattern

The digital team takes the lead in making sure the items are current, and they check with comms for new suggestions to replace out-dated promotions if necessary.

When to use this pattern

Use this pattern when updating the boxes on the website home page.

You should add a full stop in all landing page box descriptions, except when the description is the:

  • date of a news story, press release or blog
  • content type for research and policy papers

The pattern

There are different patterns depending on what type of content you're linking to.

News stories and press releases

Link text: [title of news story or press release]

Description: [content type], [publish date]

For example:

Screenshot of a news and press release box. Link text: Acas issues advice on redundancies. Description: News, 5 August 2020

Acas response

Link text: [name of response]

Description: Response, [publish date]

For example:

Screenshot of an Acas response box. Link text: Acas responds to new legal right for paid parental bereavement leave. Description: Response, 22 January 2020


Link text: [name of blog]

Description: [short description], Acas blog, [published date]

For example:

Screenshot of a blog box. Link text: The power of the small. Description: Acas head of mental health Francoise Woolley on how focusing on the little things can lead to major cultural change at work. Acas blog, 4 February 2021.

Acas articles

Link text: [name of article]

Description: [short description], Acas article, [published date]

For example:

Screenshot of an Acas article box. Link text: Why building resilience should be a priority in 2021 - Acas in Personnel Today. Description: Francoise Woolley looks at coping strategies for managers and how showing vulnerability can help us all feel better. Acas article, 12 January 2021.

Conferences and events

Link text: [name of conference]

Description: [short description], [date and time]

For example:

Screenshot of a conference and events box. Link text: Acas conference: The future of work in the UK. Description: Book your place on our virtual conference for employers. Wednesday 24 March 2021, 10am to 1pm.

Things to remember

News and press releases

For news, press releases and press releases, put the content type in the description of the box, followed by the date. 

Do not put the content type in the heading. This helps to front-load and shorten the heading.


Describe blogs hosted:

  • on our website – as  'Acas blog'
  • on external websites – as 'Acas articles' and include the journal/website in the link text

Add the author's name and job title and some explanatory text in the body text.

Conferences and events

Make sure that the title makes it clear what it's about, and distinguishes it from news content.

Make the body text contain a call to action and state:

  • who it's for
  • date and time