Bullet-point lists – content pattern

Lead-ins for bullet-point lists

The lead-in for a bullet-point list should be a sentence on a separate line.


By law, employers must pay SSP to employees who meet the SSP eligibility conditions, including if:

  • the employee is off sick for at least 4 days in a row (including non-working days)
  • the employee earns on average at least £118 per week (before tax)

If the lead-in is only 2 words

However, where there are only 2 words in the sentence, for example 'For example', keep on the same line with the previous sentence.


If someone needs time off because a person close to them has died, it's important their employer approaches the matter sensitively. For example:

  • giving the person the time they need to deal with the bereavement
  • considering the person's physical and emotional wellbeing, including once they've returned to work

Deciding when to alphabetise bullet lists

Bullet lists should either be: