If your request is approved - Making a flexible working request

If your request is approved

Important: This advice reflects the current law. We will update this advice in 2024 when new flexible working law comes into force. Read more about the new flexible working law on GOV.UK.

If your employer approves your request, this will usually change the terms of your employment contract.

Your employer should put the approval in writing, including:

  • the agreed change
  • when the change will start
  • how long the change will last, if for a fixed period of time
  • a review date, if the change will be looked at to see how it’s going

It’s a good idea to make sure you get everything put in writing by your employer so there’s no confusion about what was agreed.

When changes must be in writing by law

If the change affects anything that must legally be in your employment contract, your employer must put it in writing. They must do this within a month of the change taking effect.

This includes changes to your: 

  • working hours 
  • pay 
  • job location 
  • holiday entitlement
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