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Almost half of workers unhappy with their job, says survey

You may be delighted to hear that it's only a minority of people who hate their job. Unfortunately, it's about as big a minority as it's possible to be.

Some 49 per cent of 2,000 workers surveyed by banking firm Kalixa Pro said that they hated their job so much that they were considering changing careers. Seven out of ten of them intended to find more rewarding careers under self-employment.

One in five surveyed found their work meaningless and stressful, and a quarter of those said that as a result they were 'poor employees'.

Low engagement damages performance

Such responses demonstrate just how important engagement is for a productive workforce - and by consequence, what a negative impact unhappy staff could have on business performance.

Organisations with high engagement scores are said to be able to generate twice the profit, two-and-a-half times the growth, 18 per cent higher productivity and a 40 percent reduction in employee turnover rates.

The lesson for employers is plain. A workforce which knows, understands, and values its role; which has a voice that is listened to; which has an outlet for creative thinking and innovation; which enjoys a communicative, trustful and respectful relationship with its managers, is far more likely to be engaged, loyal, happy and productive.

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