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Managing a complaint at work: A step-by-step guide

Managing a complaint at work - Step 4

Taking action

  • When coming to a decision, consider how actions to resolve a grievance might affect others you employ.
  • When you've reached a decision, write to the employee, telling them:
    • the action which will be taken to resolve the grievance
    • and how to appeal if they are unhappy with the outcome
    • the reasons, carefully explained, if the grievance has not been upheld.
  • Monitor action taken to check it has dealt with the grievance effectively and review the matter if necessary.
  • If the grievance and outcome bring to light a widespread issue:
    • address the matter quickly
    • set about changing any company policies, procedures or rules that are affected
    • involve employees and their representatives in developing those changes
    • once the changes are agreed, tell everyone what they are and where the information can be found
    • monitor the changes to check they are producing the desired effect.
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